100 Rooms Room 30 Solution

Find a key and create a missing tool to make the machine complete ! The answer is in 100 rooms room 30 solution if you stuck finding the item 😛

help hint :
raise the concrete block attached to the pulley with a hook attached to a curtain

go right and tap the furniture
you will get a suit
then touch the base of the dresser and get a knife from there

there’s a vanity to the left, pick up matches from it

go left and use the matches on the plant
take a hook that appears

in the same room, use the knife on the curtain to the right and you’ll get the curtains
combine it with hook
combine knife with the suit to get some wires

now go right twice and use the hook on the blue item
the wight will lift
tap the left block shape left by the weight and get the key !

go right twice and use the key on the white dresser and get a piece of steel
combine it with wire to make a spring
Zoom in on the door and place the spring in the empty slot to open the door 😀

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